We are so excited to announce that we will be partnering with Monticello Fitness Evolution on June 1st and moving to their facility!!!

This is a HUGE leap in benefits to our Members but, most importantly, our TEAM will still get the TEAM feel as we join Fitness Evolution’s exclusive Boxing Club!

For more information, please contact Lyssa Lovejoy at 763.516.7219 or the front desk at Fitness Evolution Monticello!

wtf super deal

March is fast approaching, and despite the high levels of snow, it will be shorts weather soon! Feel confident in your warm-weather clothes and show off some powerful legs and sculpted shoulders by kickboxing your way to a more intense and explosive you! 

Use PROMO CODE “CONQUER” to get $25 off our Premium Unlimited Package, and check out these recommendations for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Fitness Levels: 

Premium Unlimited Package  – Follow the link for easy purchasing of our Premium Unlimited Package!

WTF has been growing fast, and new Members are joining all the time! We’ve been pleased to introduce new classes, including the return of Abs & Bags and the introduction of Titanium Boxing, one of our hottest classes yet!

October wraps up our 30 Day Emotional Eating Challenge and the next Challenge coming up is going to be Getting Rid of Weight Loss Stress!

Downtown Trick or Treat proved to be a blast, and we represented in the scariest way possible; Death by Burpees! Luckily, owner Hallie hates burpees so we rarely do them!

death by burppes
Gayla facing Death by Burpees!
titanium boxing photo.jpg
The Team cooling down after Titanium Boxing!
Bag work 2.jpg
The Team doing Abs at Abs and Bags Class


Bag Work 1
Working on their punching during ROUNDS Class! 




WTF is getting an updated look! Keep an eye out for new bits and pieces around the gym as well as new signage coming up. Thank you for your patience as we finish our Hobbit Portal into Spicy Boxing (aka the tiny door between the two buildings), that should be wrapping up soon!

Spicy Boxing will be opening soon and with that will come new Membership Options to include use of the Spicy Boxing facility. Members will still enjoy their Spicy Boxing classes on their regular nights in the WTF facility, just to be clear!

New Classes!

Well, its getting about that time that we are wrapping up the Outdoor Workouts in the early morning. I have to say, though, I am THRILLED with how everyone wanted to extend them this year! The Outdoor Workouts went from being hated to loved, and it only took….. well, 2 months, but still! For the time being, we will be doing heavy bag work followed by outdoor work until its just too dark in the morning to do so!

We have a few new Trainers, Jenn Storms and Amy Ellestad. Jenn will be leading the charge on Yoga, Healing Touch, and Mindful Wellness and Amy will be adding in Kettlebell!

I am hoping to have our TRX systems up this month and to incorporate those more this year! For those who haven’t done TRX, its amazing and you’ll love it!

Nutrition and Challenge Groups:

Body Team 12 Challenge – We are in Week 4 of Body Team 12 Challenge, a 12 week  weight loss challenge involving daily journaling and accountability to the Team! Everyone is doing great and doing a great job supporting each other!

Mindfulness Challenge – A personal favorite of mine right now. This 30 Day Challenge involves daily meditation and reflection for a short amount of time.

Personal Challenges – Any challenge you’d like to work on, please let me know and I will either provide you with one of our Micro-Goals or custom make one for you.

Everyone faces Challenges, its how you tackle them that makes the difference!

Stay Tuned for more information and updates to August’s news!