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Monticello WeThrive BootCamp Program

WeThrive BootCamp Program

Membership Includes
Access to the Number One Fitness Facility in Monticello!
Unlimited Classes
Progressive Nutritional Guidance
Accountability From Your Trainers and Your Teammates
Personal Attention and Goal Setting
Never Get Bored! Unique Classes and Tasks
Access to Monthly Measurements and Strength Tracking
Automatic Payments
5 Guest Passes a Month
Special Discounts and Classes
Access to the gym during Open Bag/Gym Times
Being on the WTF Team is like having your own gym. We are exclusive, positive, and our number one priority is YOU and YOUR SUCCESS!

Monticello Amazing You Yoga and Nutrition Services

Amazing You Yoga and Nutrition Services



Meet and Greet
Amazing You Overview
Determine your Nutrition Goals
Cost: Free

Nutrition Counseling
SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) Goal Setting
Meal Plans and Snack Ideas
Warm Up and Cool Down will always be a part of the training session
Body Metrics (hips, waist, abdomen, body fat)
Strength (dumbbells, kettle bell, body weight, bands)
Circuits (mixture of cardio and body weight exercises)
Core Strength
Running Program
Stretch & Reflect Yoga



Four 60 Minute Meetings
Twenty four personalized sessions




60 Minute Session
Cost: $50

Available to the Maple Grove/Monticello Areas
Cost: $50/hour + the Cost of Groceries

Cost: 4 People $25 Each/5+ People $20 Each

Cost: $50 hour

For more information please visit: Here

Monticello Level I:

Level I:

Been sedentary for a long time? Recovering from an injury? Level I is the perfect solution! This LOW-IMPACT, NO-RUNNING class is only 35 minutes long and will help you ease into fitness. Excellent for those trying to start an exercise regime, also great for those simply trying to maintain some level of activity without the fear of injury.

Monticello Level II:

Level II:

This level of class is the next step in our BootCamp Program. Begin building plyometric strength and become introduced to HIIT training.

Monticello LEVEL II/III:


These classes have longer interval times and shorter break times than LV II. There is also more emphasis on kicking and plyometric moves. For those making the leap, rounds (exercise intervals) can be reduced to suit your needs. NEVER BE AFRAID TO MOVE AHEAD

Monticello BootCamp (Level 1-Level II/III):

BootCamp (Level 1-Level II/III):

These classes focus on combining cardio with BootCamp calisthenics (body weight exercises) and utilizes TEAMWORK to get the job done! Level I will get you working on the bag while Level II/III varies in format.

Monticello XPress Class (All Levels):

XPress Class (All Levels):

This class is a great way to make the transition to Level II. XPress is only 25 minutes in duration and comprised of bag work only. Intensity level can be as high or low as the participant needs and more complex combinations are introduced.

Monticello Circuit Training (LV 1):

Circuit Training (LV 1):

Cardio and Strength combine to get your heart rate up and build lean strength. Designed with lower impact exercises and basic movements, this is a great place to begin building up muscular endurance and strength!

Monticello Pad Work Classes (Level II):

Pad Work Classes (Level II):

Some of the most fun you'll ever have with boxing gloves on! This intermediate class has Members working with a partner by taking turns hitting target pads. Afterwards, we throw in some BootCamp style calisthenic intervals for good measure! No experience required for padwork!

Monticello CNT (Chisel and Tone) (Level II/III)

CNT (Chisel and Tone) (Level II/III)

is a powerful mix of abs and shoulder work using MMA training exercises and kickboxing. Get ready to have chiseled shoulders and toned abs for the summer with this popular class!

Monticello Tabata Boxing (Level III)

Tabata Boxing (Level III)

is a phenomenal way to get the most bang for your buck! This half-hour class utilizes the power of the original HIIT training by maxing out your heart rate for 20 seconds and allowing only 10 seconds to recover. Hard while you're doing it, but worth it for the calorie afterburn alone! Get an hour's worth of work done in 20 minutes!

Monticello Playground Workout (LV 2)

Playground Workout (LV 2)

The solution to getting in a workout when the kids are home from school! These workouts are held at rotating playgrounds throughout town and are a blast! Both you AND the kids go home ready for a nap! See the front desk for Location Schedule.

Monticello Half Hour of Power (All Levels)

Half Hour of Power (All Levels)

is a quick, efficient strength class with no cardio involved whatsoever! Get your resistance training in in half the time! We use only tires for a powerful and confidence-building experience!

Monticello Strength Class (All Levels)

Strength Class (All Levels)

is a comprehensive hour of guided heavy weight lifting focused on core exercises with varying adjustments each month to prevent adaptation.

Monticello Better Life Classes

Better Life Classes

Following our core belief that fitness is about enhancing the quality of our participant’s lives, these classes are designed to work on the finer muscles and skills that will produce the best results. Utilizing isometric and balancing exercises, these classes are perfect for stretching out sore muscles, rehabilitating problem areas, and improving balance and flexibility.

Monticello Yoga Boxing

Yoga Boxing

Exclusive to WTF, this is an exciting way to balance both calm and explosiveness, power and peace. Not included in the membership price, this class is a $10 drop-in class.

Monticello Stretch and Reflect Yoga

Stretch and Reflect Yoga

is meant to give clients a chance to stretch out sore muscles through a basic yoga flow and provide a calm, relaxing environment for guided mindfulness and stress-reduction meditation. This 35 minutes class is a wonderful way to start the week or finish a long day. To be free from distractions and promote relaxation, please no small children.

Monticello Technique Time

Technique Time

is the perfect time to work with one of our staff members on perfecting or just coming to grips with kickboxing techniques. Proper technique protects the joints and creates more power and speed, plus knowing you're doing it right builds confidence!

Monticello CNT (Chisel and Tone) LV I:

CNT (Chisel and Tone) LV I:

A modified version of the Original CNT, this low-impact version builds a solid foundation for solid abs as well as begins work on chiseling out those sculpted shoulders! Great for beginner-intermediate!

Monticello The Burn (LV II/ LV III):

The Burn (LV II/ LV III):

This Morning-Only Class delivers true to its name, but the results are worth it! Timed, intense intervals of upper body and lower body work take your muscles to absolute fatigue followed by brief bouts of cardio to really drive home the calorie burn!

Monticello Monday Might (LV II/ LV III)

Monday Might (LV II/ LV III)

With both a running and a non-running option, Monday Might is a self-paced workout perfect to start the week off! Strength training meets cardio in this ultimate workout sure to get you back on track and feeling good!

Monticello Circuit Xpress (All Levels)

Circuit Xpress (All Levels)

Need a full body workout in half the time? This class is for you! Can be modified for all levels, and mixes cardio kickboxing with bouts of calisthenics.

Monticello Kickboxing (LV I)

Kickboxing (LV I)

Learn the basics of kickboxing and build up that cardio with this beginners class! Low-impact and half an hour, you'll have a great workout and have fun doing it!

Monticello Couch to Confident - Beginner's BootCamp

Couch to Confident - Beginner's BootCamp

The WeThrive Fitness Couch to Confident Beginner's BootCamp is a 4 Week BootCamp designed to take you from a sedentary lifestyle to a fit and healthy one! Participants meet three times a week for a combination of Cardio Boxing, Bodyweight Training, and Strength Training! This powerful combo gives you the best results in a safe, low-impact manner. Perfect for those who haven't exercised, are recovering from an injury, or are just unsure and need a judgement-free place to start!

Yoga classes are included as well to help relieve soreness and promote a healthy mind. Participants also receive Nutritional Guidance with weekly Accountability Checks and beginning and ending Body Fat Measurements, with the biggest loser wins a FREE One Year Membership to WeThrive Fitness.

Only 15 Slots are Available per Session to ensure each Participant receives all the focus necessary to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Session I: Holiday Session

11/27 - 12/20
Class Times:

M, W 6:00-6:35 PM
Sat 8:30-9:15 AM
Yoga Class Times TBD
Cost: $100
Session II: Resolution Session

Class Times

M,W 6:00-6:35 PM
Sat 8:30-9:15 AM
Yoga Class Times TBD
Cost: $125
Registration: Please Register On-Line
HERE or Contact Us for more information.