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Enjoy life more fully through WeThrive Fitness!

WeThrive Fitness is a Members-Only Training Club designed to help our Members reach their individual goals with guidance and accountability unlike any other gym. In fact, we were just voted Best Fitness Facility in Monticello and have a 5 Star Rating!

We accept only a limited number of members so that our Team gets all the personalized service they want and deserve. We are not just a gym where you remain anonymous and unnoticed, here at WeThrive Fitness we take the time to build a positive community that supports each other with our fitness and life goals. Our atmosphere is fun, hard-working, and uplifting. We provide a mixture of calisthenics and cardio kickboxing to not only build strong muscle, but confidence as well. We also provide strength training, yoga and meditation, detail work (classes focused on correcting problem areas, such as lower back pain, knee pain, etc.), personal training and wellness coaching (coming in the fall), nutritional guidance, and frequent Meal Planning Seminars and Self Defense classes. All of this is provided for only $124.95/month!

Our Certified Trainers ensure that WeThrive Fitness BootCamps provides you with a fast, effective, and unique workout modified to fit your fitness level. We train as a group, and encourage and hold each other accountable. All Trainers are trained in a Fight Gym on a continuous basis so they can provide you true technique, form, and an exclusive experience. All Levels can participate, and classes change every 6 weeks to keep things fun and exciting.

WeThrive Fitness Code of Conduct I, as a Certified Personal Trainer, operate by a strict code of conduct.

This allows me to provide the best, safest, and most effective experience for my clients.

1) The needs of the client are of the up most importance.
2) The privacy of the client is sacred.
3) I will always remain within my scope of practice, to protect both the client and myself.
Nutritional Guidance: I am able to provide basic nutritional guidelines as laid out by the USDA and HHS.
Rehabilitation/Injury Prevention: I will not diagnose and treat an injury requiring medical intervention, I am not a doctor. I will not rehabilitate an injury requiring medical intervention without guidance from the client's doctor or therapist.
4) I will never encourage a client to, "Work through the pain". I am here to make my clients stronger, not hurt them.
5) I will maintain my professional certification, as well as stay up to date on current research, regulations, guidelines, and safety protocols.
6) I will create SAFE, EFFECTIVE, FUN. and INTERESTING workouts in that order.
7) If I don't know, I will never pretend to know.
These guide posts will be adhered to for each and every client, class, and person spoken to in passing.
Thank you,

Hallie Leffingwell
Owner, WeThrive Fitness

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Hallie Leffingwell

A Certified Personal Trainer with years of experience and a unique, customized approach to her clients. She is the owner and creator of WeThrive Fitness LLC, mother of two, an amateur, undefeated Fighter, and is extremely passionate about her job. Her specialties include Nutritional Essentials, Run Strategy and Cross Training, Training the Female Body, Core Training, Express Training, and more! Hallie has an enthusiasm for her job that infuses every session with motivation and positivity, while her military background gives her a unique flair for keeping people working to their individual max. With two small children of her own, she understands the challenges that can arise and strives to motivate her clients to work with their busy lifestyles rather than around it. Hallie’s hobbies include kickboxing, martial arts, running, and geo-caching with her family. Let Hallie show you how fitness can be a fun experience and lead you to a better, more rounded life-style

Erin Cota

A mother of 3 and Head Trainer/Office Boss. She welcomes all new Members with a big heart and great laugh and will have you trained in the basics of bag work and kickboxing in no time! Don't let that sweet face fool you, though, she's tough as nails and geared to get you working hard! She enjoys running, meeting new people, kayaking, a good beer and a good smoothie, anything Vikings, and being with her family as well as her TEAM! She's also a Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and owner of Amazing You Fitness and Nutrition.


Dhani is one of our Spicy Boxing Instructors! An experienced fitness dance instructor, Dhani is guaranteed to have you shaking your butt, letting loose, and posing before you know it! A mother of five and busy fitness instructor, Dhani knows the importance of stress release and fun in fitness and wants to help you have the best experience possible.


As a stay-at-home Mom, I've enjoyed my time at the gym taking fun classes and being with friends! I am excited to use my many years of training and teaching dance in Spicy Boxing. I love spending time with my husband and two kids, quilting, and visiting breweries.

Roland Larson

Owner of Hybrid Martial Arts in Monticello, is a retired Professional MMA Fighter with a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu and 11 years experience in the arts of BJJ and Muay Thai. He provides Self-Defense Training to Members of WTF that is simple yet effective. Check the Front Office for Self Defense Class dates. Free to Members of WTF and Hybrid Martial Arts.